Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Thing 19 - reflection

So, where to start??

I started blogging a few years ago, and although my initial posts were rather sporadic I made a conscious effort about a year ago to post regularly about cataloguing and cataloguing-related issues. However, since I've been doing cpd23 I've had little time to devote to blogging about cataloguing and have written my last few posts on "things"!

All this has been at the expense of the cataloguers' wiki I maintain as well; this is now running about 3 months out-of-date and I am looking forward to blitzing this once I've finished the things, and desperately hoping that people who may have found it a useful resource haven't abandoned it.

I used twitter quite a lot before joining cpd23 but I've found since I've discovered, through cpd23, lots of people to follow, I am a bit time-challenged and instead of reading everything that looked interesting I am now missing a lot of stuff.

I enjoy reading the discussions on LinkedIn where I am a member of the CILIP group and the alumni association of Lufbra Uni. These provide me with a rich mixture of current awareness and nostalgia

One thing I have noticed is that as I work part-time I have spent a lot of time on cpd23 in my own time at home. I'm not sure what this has been at the expense of, but hopefully it was just the washing and cleaning, and not the welfare of the offspring! I think maybe it was them studying for AS and A levels that spurred me on to learn something for myself, that and the desire not to be put out to graze just yet!

Many of the things I've learned about have been interesting to look at but in reality I haven't found anything that I've thought to myself "how on earth have I lived without that", so I've already got strategies in place for dealing with things like wanting to look at work things at home, wanting to share things with people etc..

Another thing I've learned, or rather it's been confirmed in my mind, is that I love writing, am hopeless at socialising but not fazed by the idea of doing a bit of organising etc.. As I say, I think I already knew that, but this process of learning so far has confirmed this.

If I've missed anything out from this post, then I can only assume that it didn't have a big impact on me, but I've been very grateful that someone somewhere had the forethought, time, energy and knowledge enough to put this programme together for the benefit of me, and people like me. So, many, many thanks to all the contributors to the cpd23 programme!

Off to thing 20 - No! off to bed now!

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