Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Public libraries

Apart from when I was rather young and had a fascination with the catalogue cards in my small, local public library, I have never really made much use of them. Given the recent KPMG report, I began to consider why public libraries have not attracted my custom in a way one would expect of a librarian.

First and foremost, I am scatty and forgetful! How many times have I taken out a book only to return it 6 months later (unread, of course) and incurred horrendous library fines?! Several times, I'm afraid, so it really isn't safe for me to borrow things!

Secondly, I now realise I am a hoarder! Why borrow something that I have to give back, when what I actually want to do is buy a book and keep it forever!

Finally, I am a slow reader, but impatient to get my hands on the latest piece of chick-lit by my favourite auhtors (favourite because their work is easily and quickly read!). So, long waiting lists for new novels doesn't appeal to me, nor either is the loan period generally long enough, and as I said above I'll forget to take it back!