Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Thing 15 - seminars, conferences and other events

Ok, I have to put my hand up and say that I really don't like attending events! As the cpd23 post rightly suggests one of the main benefits of attending any kind of event, apart from the learning element, is the networking opportunities that are handed to you on a plate. I don't have a problem with the learning (although, hand up again, I do scribble away in my notebook, but mostly because my memory is just not what it used to be!) but I do struggle with the networking, being the shy, retiring type. That aside, however ...

Until recently I just haven't had time to go out and about. I work part-time and had a huge cataloguing backlog to contend with; hence, any time spent away from the office left me feeling guilty, and with loads of work to catch up with on return. So, I could reel off my attendances at events ever so easily - CIG annual conference 2000, Umbrella 2001, followed by one or two odd things, before more recently CIG annual conference 2010, CILIP Executive Briefing on RDA, April 2011, CILIP Executive Briefing on Dewey, September 2011 and CIG Re-classification event, September 2011. Hmmmm, looks like I'm getting out a bit more now; still working part-time, but the backlog has reduced to a more manageable amount! Also, Twitter has opened up doors, and helped me make those initial introductions to fellow professionals who share my interests in cataloguing.

The only events I've ever presented at are those that have been held internally - things like training sessions, exchange of experience sessions and other miscellaneous events like the mashdmu sessions. I always thought, being a bit shy, that I'd hate presenting, but actually, it's fine; I hope those listening enjoyed too!

I've never organised an event of any substance. Again, my experience is limited to in-house things, which have simply involved booking a room, booking refreshments and inviting people along. At this stage in my career I don't think I want to get bogged down in organising; I think my skills are better used in other areas.

Thing 16 beckons ...


  1. So much of your posting I recognise in myself - the failing memory, the lack of confidence at events (although I do try my best), but I diverge with you when it comes to presenting - I do not like it! Hats off to you that you say you are shy but feel ok about giving presentations - I wish I felt the same!

  2. Hi Nicky! Lovely to hear from you: It's always great to know you're not alone! In one of the earler cpd23 posts - I think it was thing 7 - there was something about social networking for introverts, a blog post from Jo Alcock ( http://bloggingcataloguing.blogspot.com/2011/08/cpd23-things6-and-7.html ), which I found most illuminating.

  3. Thanks for that link - good to know there are others out there who struggle with the same issues as me!

  4. For me that is one really great thing that has come out of the things - we are not alone! There are people out there who are like us, share our vision and values and who struggle with the same issues as we do! Things seem to be constantly changing and sometimes it's hard to keep up, but programmes like cpd23 are brilliant at educating us and keeping us united!