Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thing 17 - the medium is the message - Prezi and slideshare

Thing 17 – Prezi and slideshare

Ok, so I knew I was going to struggle with this thing for several reasons:

· As well as sounding like an abbreviation of “presentation”, prezi also sounds to me like:
o Something you get on your birthday or at Christmas
o A nice Italian restaurant
o A salty snack

· I’ve looked at both Prezi and slideshare before and been wowed by the work people have produced. I could never produce stuff of that quality, and, actually, since I haven’t done a presentation in years, then I probably don’t need to know to learn the practicalities at the moment

· If I ever do want to produce a slideshow I would be soooo reluctant for anybody other than the intended audience to see it and since both P & S allow access for anyone to your work (unless you pay them) this is a definite no for me!

As I said above, I am really impressed with what these programmes offer, and even more impressed with the presentations that people have done on them, although some of the Prezi ones did make me feel a bit seasick!

When the time does come that I need to produce something along these lines, I will know where to look.

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