Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thing 9 - Evernote

Thing 9 - Evernote

Scary, scary, scary! I didn’t think I’d be able to download Evernote; at work it’s very difficult, and at home I don’t have administrator priviledges, but, it did download!! What was more spooky was that the username I wanted to have was already taken, so I tried logging in using it and a specific password and it let me in!! Am I using someone else’s account, or have I played with Evernote before, that’s the question??!!

Well, I’m in and raring to go! Golly, this looks soooo complicated! Gosh, have added a link to a BBC news page – just to try it out. Tried sharing the link via facebook, but I don’t think that worked! Ah, now trying something else, and Evernote has crashed on me! Hmm, managed to get Evernote back (and my links are still there) but it looks a bit different. Really don’t like the typeface.

Now trying to add a picture from my flickr account, but not having any luck. Given up on that. Now, where do I find out how to send myself an email? Back to the main Evernote page, clicking on learn more, found knowledge base, clicked on find answers, then on email. No help there! Tried clicking on account settings. Ah, there it tells me what my Evernote email address is! Hey, I’ve just forwarded an email from my work account to Evernote! Ok, that’s quite good!

Can’t quite work out how to get back to my notes page, so clicked on the login, and it took me directly there. Now clicking on help which takes me to various options including the knowledge base, where topics are laid out much better in the previous help pages I found.

I have now been sitting here for about an hour, but am not yet convinced that using Evernote is going to help me in my work. True, I use one computer at work, and a computer and a laptop at home, but if I want to share interesting websites with myself there are other services that do this. If I want to update documents at home that I’ve created at work, I can use the software that work use specifically for this purpose. If I want to remember emails, I can just look at my email. And as for photos, well, I’ve not managed to put those into Evernote so I’m not sure that is useful either.

Is there someone out there who can convince me to preserve?

No? Then it’s on to thing10!

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