Monday, 24 January 2011

Week in the life of a librarian - 6

Day 1 – Monday 24 January 2011

Not a good night, very little sleep. Taking a headache to work with me.

Arrived late to work as no room in the university car park for me, and as a result of a conversation with another member of staff, drove around looking for somewhere closer to park than my usual default. Restrictions everywhere so ended up miles away again, and with heavy bag to boot! I wouldn’t mind but the frustration causes a rise in my stress levels, and the walk doesn’t seem to be having any positive impact on my weight loss or fitness levels either.

However, things improved when I got to the staffroom and was complemented on my top and the stripy tights – a Christmas present from my youngest son. And, while making my restorative cup of tea, this is when work truly began …

Picked up a tweet at the end of last week about being able to download MARC records from IMDB; I knew about the Amazon MARC records, but as yet haven’t really found a use for those, but the IMDB ones could be useful, so I had told a member of my team about this and we discussed it while I was making my tea. Will have to do something about the fact that only one of the team has access to the MARC import manager programme.

Only me in my group of 4 desks work on a Monday morning so it should be a good day for getting things done without interruption! Famous last words …

No sooner had I turned my computer on than another member of the team rushed over to ask me if I was going to the debate because they didn’t want to go on their own! Said I’d read the email and check my availability and let her know. Once my machine was logged in I discovered that the VC has set up a debate for staff on whether or not universities are a public good. Checked diary – free, so will be going, especially as I have recently discovered myself that I don’t just work in HE because that’s where I have a job, I actually work in HE because I believe in it, so this debate seems timely. Slot booked!

Another email to action – cover for someone who’s going to be off for 3 weeks. And a pre-meeting to arrange to look at a discovery service prior to the supplier coming in to demo it.

Now, shall I check my emails (I only work Mon-Weds, so there will be quite a few!) or sneak a peek at Twitter and see what’s been going on in the wider world?!

Oh dear, colleague at haggisandmash, so tweets will be numerous today!

Office too hot, fan blasting air around, need another tea and paracetamol. And the VC has just emailed reminding staff that expressions of interest in the voluntary severance scheme ends on 28th January – just in case we were interested! Oooops, here comes the boss – tea had better wait!

Long discussion about coverage of roles during times of vacancies! Ok, coverage for holidays sorted, which should lead to a permanent arrangement soon (but not necessarily the same staff involvement).

Signed a few leave cards, and completed my own. Replied to request for meeting dates, amongst other things. It’s 11.45 and I’ve only just thought to check the rota for the enquiry desks! Luckily, I usually do 3.30 on a Wednesday so I haven’t missed it!

Apparently our VC is forging links with the local community. One of my team members has recently become a volunteer with the local hospice and is enjoying the work, and has discovered they have a medical library which is catalogued and classified by the local hospital.

It’s now noon. Hubby has just emailed to say he can’t have lunch with me today.

Finally finished going through last week’s and toady’s emails. As a result of one of them I took part in a quick survey. Earmarked some links for inclusion in the cataloguers’ wiki. Interested in the Unison 6 book reading challenge, but no time to guarantee reading 6 books! Our collection of novels to borrow in the staffroom has been updated.

Meanwhile, 13 new tweets to check out. Tweet from the VC reminding us about the new book club he’s starting up next week.

Now, what was I doing last week that I need to continue this week?

Lunch first methinks! Noticed payslip in the pigeon hole – whooppeee! Sandwich on the run. Important letter posted. Browsed around the upstairs sale in the bookshop, and drank coffee in the nearest department store – what treats! 5 degrees outside, 25 degrees in the office; my poor body can’t cope with such fluctuations. Cleared headache now making an unwelcome return.

Anyway, back to last week’s work …

Ok, well I was going to finish off some stats, but got side-tracked sorting visit to Aston in early Feb!

Right, some headway made into the stats. 3.30 and a cup of tea beckons – again!

More stats! Now done 7 months worth and starting to get careless. Must be time for tea!

Refreshed and raring to go. Checking email first; couple to follow up, then back to stats!

Finally, stats finished – and still an hour of work to go! Wonder if it’s just my incompetence that means I can’t get these figures out of the management info system?

Hey ho, more fun and games tomorrow!

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