Monday, 13 December 2010

Where have I been all this time?


I can't believe four months have passed since I last blogged - it seems like yesterday. Actually, to be truthful, I wasn't sure what I was sharing with you and why, so I let things slip for a while. But, in the process of seeing what else is going on in the world of cataloguing, I remembered I had a blog (!) and thought I might use it again, especially as I discovered that there were more detailed stats available than I had realised and I was astonished to see that the blog had been looked at 158 times in November! That's not to say that anyone found anything of either use or interest, but it's fascinating to realise that you're not writing in a vacuum!

So, over the last four months I've been to the Cataloguing and Indexing Group conference, I've been continually updating my cataloguers' wiki, I've been reading up about all sorts of cataloguing issues, and updating the56things wiki - to the67things wiki. However, I've not done anything towards revalidation. Oh, and I've been tweeting a bit more than usual (although, again, usually trite messages about things, nothing serious) and reluctantly joined facebook - for personal use rather than work though. All these things have eaten away at my time! On the personal front I've been doing a lot of family history research for various friends and family - not that you wanted to know that - but it is so exciting that the 1911 census is finally going to be available on ancestry (as I have a subscription) so I don't have to pay-per-view on findmypast!

Anyway, that's enough for one day. I shall return within the week to tell you of my experience at the CIG conference.

Bye for now!

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